Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I'm Just a Girl...

...So someone tell me how THIS is possible:

According to the Daily Mirror in the UK, 42% OF YOUNG MEN FAKE THEIR ORGASMS

"MORE than two in five young men have faked an orgasm, a survey reveals today. Although 19 per cent of all blokes have feigned a climax, among those aged 18 to 34 the figure rises to 42 per cent."

The article does say that 58% of women admitted to faking, which I don't dispute. But, um, how does a GUY fake?!!!?

Please, no freaks responding, okay?


Nick said...

Simple: condoms. Who inspects a post-coital prophylactic? Well, neither did those 42% of those 'birds.' ('birds' corresponds with 'bloke,' right?)

E said...

Nick, thank you so much for answering a very delicate question in an straightforward and adult way. This bird appreciates honest blokes like yourself. You da man. ;)

I would like to add that if a bloke feels more comfortable faking it rather than just saying "today ain't your day, sweetie," he may wish to find himself another bird. Cool birds prefer--and also give--the honest approach.