Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Can I ask you a question, customer at the Walgreens pharmacy? Why are you standing right next to me while I am doing my business with the pharmacist? Why are you standing so close to me that we seem like we're here together? Why are you waiting for your prescription standing all up in my personal space while I am conducting MY business with the pharmacist? On what planet is this appropriate behavior? You seemed stunned when I turned and said, "Excuse me, could I ask you to take a step back, please?" You seemed to not understand why I would not want you standing right where you were, waiting on YOUR turn on MY time and in MY space. I seemed not to understand why the pharmacy employee didn't do the asking for me. I seemed stunned that this was the third time this week that I'd been publicly spooned by a stranger at this pharmacy walkup. I was cranky as I walked out of the store until I remembered...oh yeah, this is why I switched all my other scrips to CVS.

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Average Jane said...

My pharmacy has a sign set back several feet from the counter indicating where the line should start. Just another reason I love them.