Friday, January 15, 2010

365 Photos--Part Trois?

A construction worker at the Dana Farber Yawkey Center project. He's up pretty high and makin' it look easy.

The supersecretdoubledogmagicgermfreehyperiffic doors to the Transplant Unit at Dana Farber. This was my first time back in that hallway since my transplant, first time walking on my own two feet. I was wheeled in a wee bit sedated if I recall from getting my central line inserted, and on the way out I was in a wheelchair, excited to see Bambina after a month, and completely terror-stricken to be leaving the safety and germ-freeness of the pod, so I barely remember it at all.

Um, that's not the parking spot. In fact, that's precisely where cars are supposed to drive between parking spots.

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