Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TARP Details

TARP Details, courtesy of JJP. Some heavy good reading:



Utah Savage said...

I'm doing my own little Blogger Appreciation Day one blog at a time. And you are the blogger I've chosen to appreciate tomorrow. I've written the post but it will be up in the morning. I hope this doesn't embarrass you. But it's like getting an award without the obligation to post it and pass it along. It's all yours.

My word verification word is Plath. I'll now avoid my oven door for the rest of the evening.

Randal Graves said...

Utah praised you and said that if we don't come over here and offer our own praise of a verbal sort because burnt offerings leave a mess, well, here we are.

sunshine said...

I should have left my first comment here probably but the American Idol post caught hold of my tiny mind first.

I noticed on your profile that you said you are vanilla. We used to have some S&M neighbours and it took me about 3 years of them calling me that before I finally got the courage to ask them what they meant.
I'm vanilla. With vanilla sprinkles.