Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Coming Up Blank

Me, that is. Total inability to compose a coherent thought worthy of 10 seconds of your time. Can I blame it on the fact that it is snowing AGAIN? Come on, now!

We can also blame the time-sink that is Facebook. I love keeping up with my friends, but I think I get caught up in the etiquette of it, ie, I need to reply to that email within 24 hours or else it's rude. If someone writes on my wall I feel compelled to write back. Not that I don't want to write back, but again I just want be responsively timely. I was crestfallen when the BBDD reminded me that people are not hunched over their computers awaiting my message. I happen to think that's an outrage if true.

I'm also otherwise engaged with the Bambina who is, as you know, being very four these days: rapturous joy and total fun interspersed with preadolescent attitude problems, various staged coups d'etats attempting to throw off the yoke of bondage, and lots of eye-rolling. She has also been very funny. When discussing where bacon comes from, she decreed it "bad luck for the pig but good luck for us!" Indeed. When she woke up stuffynosed at 3am for the third night in a row she said that she wanted her nose to clear up, "but sometimes boogers just don't listen." Damn those recalcitrant boogers!

In addition to being funny, she has also been very helpful now that I'm operating with one hand for the next 6 weeks. She is very proud of herself because she can hook and unhook my bra for me. I forgot that I was speaking out loud for a moment, because she now tells people proudly that she can unhook my bra--"something lots of grown men have yet to learn."

Yes, I am mother of the year.

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