Sunday, February 22, 2009


Grand Old Party of Hypocrites. ThinkProgress has a list of all the GOP senators and reps (22 and counting!) who voted against the Stimulus but who are now "fighting for their fair share" of the money and touting the jobs it will bring to their regions. Florida Rep. Mica's staffer had this to say: “It’s possible to oppose the entire bill on principle and favor certain sections of it.” Yeah, certain sections that benefit YOUR constituents. Fucker.

This is what a party without a soul looks like.


Beach Bum said...

This is what a party without a soul looks like.

That pretty much sums it up. Given the crazy stuff many of them are spouting about President Obama not being born in this country, his policies being communistic, and outright racist trash I'm really worried about someone or some group doing something stupid.

Anonymous said..., are the republicans supposed to deny democracy and NOT work for their constituents once a bill they didn't support is passed? Just say, "No thanks, keep your dirty money away from me and my peeps?"

Just curious what you think their options are in this case...