Friday, January 30, 2009

Who Will It Be at the RNC?

Today's big election news involves the Republican National Committee's selection of a new chair. It's newsworthy because whoever wins will set the party's agenda for the next two years, an agenda that has to bring the 'Pubs back from the brink of self-destruction.

The only problem is the slate of candidates:

Michael Steele: Lackluster fundraiser and endorser of GOP moderates. He's Black, so has the "change" mantle, but may not win due to previously-mentioned moderate leanings.

Saul Anuzis: Michigan RNC chair, considered very magnetic, but not necessarily leadership material.

Katon Dawson: Claim to fame is belonging to an all-white country club. Enough said. Although very popular as the southern states rally behind him.

Mike Duncan: Current RNC Chair seeking another term. Not much change there.

Ken Blackwell: Overseer of the Ohio "election" in 2004. Not a good choice for a party seeking to downplay its Rovian and socially conservative tendencies.

Chip Saltsman: He of the "what is so offensive about me sending 'Barack The Magic Negro' in my Christmas cards?" Tone deafness extraordinaire. Not going to win.

So there you have it: a cavalcade of mediocre candidates for a currently-mediocre party. Maybr Tracy Flick will jump in the race.

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