Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Change Is Gonna Come

We're liveblogging the Inauguration (at least until I have to go pick up Bambina at 12:30!) My girl and Haggis Roving Reporter JulieG is actually on the mall today and hopefully she'll give us a full report tomorrow or later tonight.

11:04am: The POTUSes are in the Capitol and they are now introducing the VIPs, such as the Supreme Court, etc. I feel so happy. My facebook status currently reads: "I'm so happy; I feel like the moving fan has finally arrived to move my broke-ass, cheating boyfriend out of my apartment."

11:08: Oh man! It's the Quayles! God bless. They actually look younger now than they did then. I'm onto you and the Botox, Marilyn!

I feel like we're waking up from a long national nightmare. The problems remain, and in some cases are worse than ever before, but we can't keep doing the same thing and expecting a different and better result. It's time, it's time, it's time.

I'm very interested to hear what Obama will say in his address. No pressure, though, Barry! However, beyond the individuals at play here, what strikes me most as I look at all the rivals and opponents on the stage, is the power of American democracy. Another peaceful transfer of power in these United States. God Bless America for that.

11:14am: Former POTUSes taking their seats: GHWB, Jimmy Carter, etc.

11:24: Sasha and Malia!! And their grandmother, Mrs. Robinson. Who will be moving into the White House to help with the girls. The BBDD says, "As if the guy doesn't have enough on his plate!" I reminded him it's a pretty big house. ;)

Oh! Here comes Areefa! And man is she rocking that hat! Digression: African-American women of a certain age have the BEST hats. That is a fact.

The First Ladies (Laura and Michelle) are out. Now we are awaiting GWB.

Cheney getting wheeled in! Apparently twisted his back moving boxes into his new home.

Here comes GWB. The last time we have to hear Hail to the Chief while looking at his fakakta punim.

CNN is showing Obama coming down the hall; the crowd sees it too on the jumbotrons and erupts. Here comes Joe Biden. Here comes Obama looking pensive. We're waiting for his official introduction now at 11:41am.

A sea of people for 2 full miles all the way back to the Lincoln Memorial. It's amazing to see.

Here he comes!!! Barack H. Obama! The crowd--and my couch--erupts!! Everyone takes their seats. Let's get it on, America!!!

Feinstein is giving the opening remarks. The maligned and detestable Rick Warren is now giving the invocation: "Bless and protect him." I'll say an Amen to that. 11:50am

11:54am: Aretha is singing My Country Tis of Thee. Still rockin' that hat.

11:57am: Joseph Biden is sworn in! On a sick note, I guess it's important that they swear in the VP first. If they did the POTUS first and he immediately dropped dead, we'd have no chain of command. It's official!!! Yay!!!

Now the musical interlude. Perlman, Ma, and others. Okay, here's a question: while the music is playing, is Joe Biden now George Bush's VP?

I just learned from CNN, my constitutional advisor, that Obama is the President at noon, with or without the oath of office. Which means:


OKAY--on your feet, America! Here comes the oath! YEAH!!!!!! PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!

And now for the speech, which I will cover mostly later. But here's a little before I have to leave to get the Bambina at school. Or, maybe I should let her sit there a while; after all, she did vote for McCain... ;)

Speech: Thanks Bush for service and generosity during transition. Classy.
I'll blog it later because I really want to hear it and take it in.

Happy Inauguration Day, America!!

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That is a kick-ass bow she's got on her hat!