Monday, July 14, 2008

Six Word Memoirs

I know I'm once again late to the party on this book, but it is awesome. It's called Six Word Memoirs, by SMITH Magazine. It is, as you can imagine, people's life stories in six words.

Some of them funny, sad, poignant. All are remarkable:

Oldest of five. Four degrees. Broke.

Should have used condom that time.

Lucky in love, unlucky in metabolism.

Awkward girl takes chances. Fun ensues.

Not a good Christian, but trying.

I fell in love with Charlie.

Years in the closet. Why? Why?

Which got me to thinking. What would my six word memoir be? What would YOURS be? You can go to and put it there. Or you can put it here so we can read it and maybe know you a little better, whoever you are.

Before Bambina my memoir would have been something like: Poor Scottish girl lives American dream. Or Thin Extrovert. Fat and shy inside.

But these days I didn't have to think too hard to arrive at my real memoir. It sums up my reasons for living and what I feel were all my life experiences leading up to it as preparation:

And then she called me Mama.

What's yours?

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