Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Tonight I Swear

So the interview yesterday went pretty well except for my lack of advance work in preparation. I hadn't realized that I was being interviewed by one of the "sports babes" from NESN, so I looked like a shmo when I asked her if she worked for Dana Farber. Way to start things off, E. When she told me she was an anchor at NESN I instantly realized "of course!" because she has that TV Lady look that people showing up to work at a hospital (even the media department of a major one) don't have. I tried to make up for it by assuring her that my husband and father in law no doubt know her very well. I'm just not a big TV watcher. [note to self: stop digging!]

So we did the interview then we did a bunch of B-roll with my donor. It could have been awkward but since my donor and I get along so well, it was easy to sit at a table and chat while being filmed because...well, we just sat at a table and chatted while being filmed. No acting required. We also had to do some walking shots, some door-opening shots, some huggy-huggy shots. I was a little bummed when the cameraman didn't go for my idea of having me, my donor and the interviewer do that Charlie's Angels pose in front of the DF sign. ;) I'm just saying it would have been some good TV...


Anyway, that's where you can see me in August.

In the meantime, I've got nothing for ya. Sure, there's plenty going on. And you can read all about them via the links at the right.

I'll post tonight, after Barack's Berlin speech, John McCain's latest basic knowledge flub, and John Edwards' next non-denial denial.

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