Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Yes We Can

It's 11:12pm and Obama is up to 37% vs. HRC's 39%! We could still pull this thing out!!!

Just kidding.

Good for HRC mobilizing her folks, and good for Obama getting so close. And good for Edwards for vowing to stay in the race all the way to the convention. And good for Richardson getting his 10,000 votes out! Go Bill!

And good for McCain getting back in the damn game. I just hope Romney can get his stuff together so he can be the GOP nominee, with Giuliani as VP. That is my Democratic dream for the Republican ticket.

But back to Hillary. Two thoughts: she is a master co-opter and triangulator, even with little notice. I just watched her speech where I saw a "Ready For Change" sign being held up. My immediate thought was, "Oh man! An Obama supporter got in there!" Whoops. Looks like the intervening time between Iowa and NH gave the campaign time to throw together some signs with The C Word on them. Now she's the candidate for change. Who knew? The next thought on the topic of her perceived trustworthiness or likeability: when she was speaking to the crowd it occurred to me that her eyes do not match her facial expression. I've been trying to figure out where and why she feels "off" in her communication style and I think that is it. When she was smiling and talking about American grit and whatnot her eyes communicated nothing. It was only when her speech was done when she began waving and smiling to the crowd that you saw her eyes smile too. Think what you like about Ms. Tyra Banks and America's Next Top Model, but her advice to the modeling hopefuls to make sure their eyes were communicating as much, if not more than, their faces was solid, solid counsel. People who've known me long enough know that I might be smiling at you saying "I'm great!", but my eyes are saying "You are so on my sh*t list right now." You know my eyes are displeased because I make sure my eyes are communicating my displeasure no matter how much my face is telling the rest of the room that you are my darling plum pudding. HRC's face was saying, "Change! Yeah! Go us!" Her eyes were saying I don't know what--but not anything ending in an exclamation. Maybe behind her victory speech she was thinking, "I won, but 57% of New Hampshire Democrats still did not vote for me."

My 37% of election commentary...


Nick said...

I'm calling fraud up there. Damn diebold machines.

Beach Bum said...

Great post! I must admit to being really worried now. I believe in Obama and his message but my gut feeling is that the Clinton machine is going to be able to Slick Willy their way past who I feel is an inspiring and honorable man. At the risk of sounding sexist I do not believe any word coming out of Hillary's mouth. The little case of the emotional choked up Hillary just did not ring true to me but my wife who was uncommented till then but fell for it. The biggest issue for me with her is that on one hand she wants everyone to know she is a tough broad who can push others around but the second someone pushes back we get claims that the lady is being wrongly picked on. She justy can’t have it both ways.The Bush years have been a horrific disaster on so many levels but I do not want to turn back to the 90's and a rerun of the polarized Clinton years.

Vigilante said...

Beach, Hill is a woman, for crying out loud. She's entitled to play the crying card once in a while. I'm okay with that. Let's just say the Democratic is deep (Obama) and broad (Clinton)!

[No double-entendre intended!]