Monday, January 21, 2008

Tonight's Dem Debate

I'm watching the Democratic Debate tonight in South Carolina. A couple of thoughts:

1. Could John Edwards be the most presidential-seeming candidate on stage tonight?
2. Could that be because Hillary succeeded in drawing Obama into a Punch and Judy-style bickerfest?
3. At the same time, Obama has to answer her charges or risk looking like he assents to the premise of her remarks.
4. Could Wolf Blitzer be less adept at the task of debate moderation? He's not at the depths of ignominy of, say, Timmy Russert, but he's no Walter Cronkite. He's not even a Barbara Walters. The guy needs to grow some already.
5. What will I do in November if Hillary Clinton is the nominee of the Democratic Party? I really--as much as it pains me to be an apostate to the party--just don't feel like I can vote for her. Which is not to say that I'd vote Repuglican. I just really don't see myself being able to cast my ballot for her under any circumstances, based on the conduct of her campaign so far. And if other Dems in good faith feel the same way, are we doomed to a GOP POTUS again?
6. Hillary just said, "Obviously we have to rein in the President." Could someone tell her that she should apply that advice to the previous President too? I have considered myself second to no one in my adoration and respect for the presidency of Bill Clinton, but he's killing me these days. I know he's in a tough spot being both a former Pres and a husband of a candidate. But could he at least maintain the intellectual fiction that as a former POTUS he's still presidential?

Okay, now we're on to the sit-down chat portion of the debate. More on that to come.

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Vigilante said...

I agree with all of your points above, E., with the exception of hesitating to voting for the Clinton Restoration. If Obama isn't on one end of the ticket or the other, I still will not hesitate to vote for Hillary. We can do better, but we can also do far, far, far worse.