Monday, January 28, 2008

NOW That's Angry!

For proof that you should never email, write or--in this case--develop and disseminate a press release--angry, please see the link below. The New York State chapter of NOW is fightin' mad that Ted Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama. I'll let it speak (or yell, more accurately) for itself. All I can say is that she seems to have taken the non-endorsement of Hillary Clinton very personally. And that the writer forgot the cardinal rule of press releases (especially, unfairly or not, if you are a woman): judiciousness in the use of exclamation points. Instant loss of credibility if you consider your off-the-cuff reaction to reading the following two statements:
1. This is a betrayal of women. = decisive statement
2. This is a betrayal of women! = expression of my feelings

Enough said.


Ken said...

I think you're just a bit easy on her, E, as it seems that this isn't her first furious press release. Check out her release from earlier this month, saying that criticism of Hillary Clinton is like gang rape.

Vigilante said...

Ken, can you find me that please? The link?

Vigilante said...

I'm linking this thread, E.! It's quite a find!