Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We Dontneedy Dotmobi

According to the Financial Times, new “dotmobi” (.mobi) internet domain names will go on sale today. Dotmobi is an effort (by parts of the telecom industry such as Microsoft, Vodafone and Nokia) "to drive the use of mobile devices as platforms to surf the web."

Do we really need another internet domain? Websites can be configured to be available via mobile phone screens, so--why are we doing this? FT states, "A senior lawyer at Verizon Communications, the second-largest US telecommunications group, said there was no 'particular business need' for 'dotmobi' and the company had only registered verizon.mobi to prevent others taking it...A lot of the new domain names just compound the problem of trademark infringement and fraud....Most of the new domain names have been failures and the vast majority of valuable real estate still rests in ‘dotcom’."

My guess is that some guys at Microsoft, Vodafone and Nokia decided over a few beers that they needed additional, mobile avenues for accessing bigjugs.com.net.org, because a man and his p0rn must not be rent asunder by lagging technology.

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