Friday, September 15, 2006

He's Picking Up His Ball and Going Home

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for a great discussion at Digby's of President Bush's petulant answer to David Gregory's question about the Geneva Conventions. To recap, Bush wants Congress to reinterpret Article III of the Geneva Conventions to allow torture as a valid interrogation technique. His answer the to the very reasonable question, "What if North Korea or some other country also decided to 'reinterpret' Article III for an American POW?" was angrily defensive. He declared that he would cease the program for preventing terror if Congress did not make this change, thereby upping the ante for McCain, who are openly defying him. Which is obviously making him cranky. In fact, almost the entire conference was defined by what I can only call "petulance" from the POTUS. It was interesting to see him be so abrasive and irritated.

And by interesting I mean "scary" and "wish I was watching The Price Is Right."

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