Friday, September 15, 2006

Calling All Christiennes, Hindesses and Muslimettes

It's a well-known fact that hospital waiting rooms are a repository of old, crappy magazines. The truth of this fact was further strengthened for me today when I picked up a copy of the magazine produced by the Jesse Duplantis ministries. He of large, white televangelist blowdry hair and Mrs. Duplantis of blond, puffy, "That Girl" flip hairstyle. I decided to read it out of sheer boredom, in an effort to not re-read the issues of "Your Health" or something like that from the good people at Merck, Novartis, Aventis and BristolMyersSquibb.

I flipped through the magazine backwards, reaching the Letters section last. It was there that I inadvertently let out a huge guffaw followed by, "No WAY!!!" as I laughed and laughed at the incredibly obvious made-up letter from "Israel." That's right; none of the letters were signed by people; only by their location. So, "Australia" was healed and the Enemy was defeated. "Malawi" thinks this ministry is a gift from God. And....and....and...

"Israel" says it is clear to her that Mr. Duplantis is "a man of God." She backs this up by declaring her selectivity in listening to evangelists due to her status as an "Observant Conservative Jewess."

Yeah, you read that right: Jewess.

The odds of a Jewish woman referring to herself as a "Jewess" are about as likely as someone writing to Mr. Duplantis "as a colored Negro" or as a "Chinaman." After all, are Christian women called "Christiennes?" Nobody Jewish calls herself a Jewess. It's not a word used by Jewish people. It's borderline derogatory, definitely in the collection of anti-semitic taxonomy, so no actual Jewish person would use it. But I bet it's a word used cluelessly by evangelical Christians in the deep south...

So what's my point? Well, that the Reverend DuPlantis certainly knows his audience and knows that no one reading his magazine would probably be--or know someone who is--Jewish, so he can pretend that even the Unsaved think he's swell. So here's my larger question for the Reverend HairTransplantis: Isn't it still lying even if you are never found out?

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