Thursday, September 22, 2005

Red States are Grosser Than Blue States

In my momentary aspiration to be a "mainstream" journalist, I will now take a small snippet of well-researched and accurate data and brazenly extrapolate it into a full-blown theory of cause-and-effect with sociopsychopolitical implications.

You have to read down a little to get to the part where they assess the different locations where handwashing after using the bathroom was most and least practiced. That is where my theory takes effect.



Anonymous said...

That is so gross. Boys are yucky.

Vigilante said...

Now just a minute, Anonymouse. Don't fly off on a rant. If you stop and think - really think - you realize there is a very fundamentally anatomical reason why boys might not feel compelled to wash their hands as often as girls before they leave the restroom, without sacrificing their hygene. (I'm hoping I won't be called upon for further explanation.)