Monday, September 19, 2005

Lookin' For Love in All the Wrong Places

Yes, I am a dork. I confess to having made the following statement to the Baby Daddy:

"I am looking for a show to fall in love with."

Seriously. You know the show I mean. The one that, pre-Tivo, you would be unavailable for social plans or work or anything, unless they involved sitting in front of your TV.

Buffy was the show for about two seasons. Dark Angel for two seasons. Alias for two seasons. Law and Order SVU for all seasons. Desperate Housewives the first season.

The sad thing is that all of the Appointment TV shows do two things after about season two:

1) Start messing with their winning formula to "bring new life" to the show when what I like is precisely the old stuff that made me like the show in the first place. Do NOT let Jamie and Paul Buchman have a baby! Do NOT bring on Ted McGinley! Do NOT have "A Very Special Will & Grace" or a "Very Special Scrubs." If your episode has the words "A Very Special" in front of it, air a repeat instead.

2) Start getting cocky and adding in supernatural, weird, embarrassingly obvious nudie stuff to "attract a different demographic." Like when Jennifer Garner went from hottie ass-kicker (which I loved) to Farrah Fawcett or Cheryl Ladd in Charlie's Angels, ie, "this week's episode is set in a bikini roller derby!" So obvious. So sad. So unnecessary. Yeah, it brings in the 22 year old boy demographic, but it pisses off the show's female base.

So I am hoping for good stuff this season. I'm already loving the guilty pleasure "Jailbreak" on FOX. Sat through an episode of Kitchen Confidential and How I Met Your Mother, to which I can only quote Abe Lincoln: "People who like this sort of thing will find that this is the sort of thing they like."


Raine said...

I don't know if it's exactly your flavour, but you should rent out the 14 episodes of Firefly and give that a shot.

It's perhaps the most refreshing show ever, and they cancelled it after 14 episodes.

Thank you Fox, for being out of touch with your viewers, and instead of giving us what we want, you turn us away and air another running of... well, whatever shit it is that they foist on us. After they cancelled Firefly, I stopped watching TV again.

Anonymous said...

It should be mentioned (to get you to really check out Firefly), that it is by the same guy who did Buffy and Angel - Joss Whedon rocks!

Vigilante said...

Some one tell me what TV has not ruined.

Joe Tornatore said...

Rome just started on HBO. i am checking it out.