Friday, September 23, 2005

House Arrest-- Or A Weekend of Protests

Nothing makes me happier than seeing US citizens exercise their freedom of assembly and redress of grievances. Truly.

However, nothing makes me more bummed than knowing that I won't be able to drive anywhere for the next two full days without spending at least an extra 90 minutes trying to get where I need to go due to multiple street closings. And of course this is the weekend of a friend's baby shower out in Virginia, which requires me to drive.


It's going to be interesting. This weekend is the perfect storm of protests. The Anti-War Rally that was planned in answer to the Pentagon's 9/11 Clint Black/holding candles/Operation Iraqi Freedom march. There are the World Bank/IMF protests down near the White House. Those are always interesting because they bring out Free Mumia/Man-Boy Love people in addition to Those Who Do Not Shower For Peace. And then there is some conference at DAR Constitution Hall that will further snarl traffic all around the entrances and egresses of DC proper.

I'm kind of bummed that I'll be at a baby shower rather than heading down to the protest sites to take photos and see protesters clash with police and each other. Good times! Good times! With any luck, the shower planner has made the rock solid choice to forego the stupid shower games and just get right to the Congrats and the gifts, which might leave me with some time to go and see what's what...on foot, of course.


Vigilante said...

Hope you make it out, Babe. Break out of house arrest and represent the rest of us who are geographically challenged!

Raine said...

I'm guessing these were the same protests where Cindy Sheehan was arrested.

Now, we're all intelligent. I wonder why Sheehan was the first one to be arrested?