Thursday, May 05, 2005


The FDA has just determined that it will bar gay men from serving as anonymous sperm donors.


Because I can think of about 7 straight guys from college--right off the top of my head--who would be higher risk donors than all of the gay men I know combined.

So if you are a straight man who takes a yearly Spring Break and sleeps with multiple women without protection every time, you can come on home and donate your sperm till you just can't donate no mo'. If you are a straight man who routinely uses prostitutes, you can easily be a "john" of sperm donation with no problems. But if you are a gay man who has been with the same partner for 15 years? Sorry. You are a risky proposition.

Helloooooo? Are the inmates running the asylum? Where is the science in this decision? How about measuring behavior and using advanced testing to determine who is or is not an appropriate donor? Although, with this administration, I suppose that hoping for evidence-based science and data-driven decision-making is a fool's errand...


Raine said...

This is an example of something that is now going by the name of "Bigotry Driven Politics."

Science doesn't matter. Hell, they're even changing the definition of Science to include more open religious terms. Why is the government allowing this?

Maybe if we keep asking this question, one day, hundreds of years down the road, somebody will give our children answers. That is, provided they aren't all racist, sexist, bigots, 100 years in the future.

Miko said...

What future? Don't worry about it! The Rapture is coming!