Thursday, December 17, 2009

Link a Dink a Doo

This first one is amazing. It's a Family Portrait of all 56 ethnic groups in China. When people think "Chinese" they often have a very specific image in mind of what that looks like. It has bugged me in the past, especially when people have asked about Bambina, "Are you sure she's Chinese?" Um, hello. She was born in China. She's Chinese. Just like you were born in the USA; you're American, right? This album beautifully demonstrates the wonderful diversity of the Chinese people...beyond the stereotypes.

Next, please enjoy Glenn Beck as he defends the Three-Fifths Compromise. You recall the 3/5 Compromise: the one that said Black people were not full humans? Why is this man on TV?

The ten most irritating people of 2009 (Canadian Version).

More to come!

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