Friday, December 11, 2009

Like You're Working Anyway...

Some links!

First, a WaPo article on how Jesse Jackson is pissed that he wasn't invited to the White House jobs summit and that Obama isn't doing more to address the recession's impact on African-American communities. Oh yes, that is political success in the making there; having our first black president focus his attention solely on black neighborhoods. THIS is why Jesse Jackson never got elected to anything: old school thinking. Your run for President of the United States, not of your ethnic group. This guy just keeps bringing The Stupid. That's all I can say. washingtonpost.coms

Next, seven foods experts will not eat. The major gross-out for me is what they feed farmed salmon. "hydrolized chicken feathers," anyone?

Next, I'm saying that if this is your friends' idea of a "drunken prank" then you need some new friends:

Next, a funny article proposing that we consign the word "douchebag" to history. Those of you over the age of say, 60, who cannot envision a scenario in which you'd utter that word can skip this one if you'd like.

And finally, speaking of douchebags, I mean, "assclowns," here's a list of GOP members who currently receive Medicare but who oppose the public option for the rest of us. I loves me some hypocrisy on a Friday morning!

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