Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Real Freakshows of New Jersey

Y'all. Promise me you will tune into The Real Housewives of New Jersey (Tuesdays at 10pm on Bravo). Oh man, that show is hilarious. All of the Real Housewives shows have been ridiculous, but this one--as can always be said of all things Jersey--takes the effing cake. These ladies are out of control. Think The Sopranos in real life.

One woman, Danielle, is a former stripper with a criminal past, who is being outed by her "friends." Caroline is a self-described "Italian mother" with two sons. One is opening a strip club, the other is off to law school, neither bring home any women she finds acceptable. She is my favorite because, while I would not like to be her daughter-in-law, she runs a tight ship and does not take crap from anyone. She's a bootstrapper.
Dina runs a decorating business yet still finds the time for numerous spa appointments. Jacqueline is the "sweet one" who is torn between her family (see two previous wives) and her friend (the soon-to-be-outed stripper). The last one, Teresa, is genius entertainment. This is the Sopranos, flat out. They just built a house with more marble than you've ever seen, and the furniture is being delivered. Her husband happens to come home while she is raving about the couches. She asks him if he loves the couches:

"I don't care. You love it, you love it. Why would I love a couch?" He then pays $120,000 IN CASH to the delivery people. Yeah, that's legitimate.

There is too much "there" there to fully do this show justice, but suffice to say it is truly good television, if you like over-the-topness with a Jersey flavor. The only show that could do this one better is my personal recommendation to the people at Bravo: The Real HUSBANDS of New Jersey.

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