Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What Happens in Chicago Stays in Chicago

At least that's what Barack Obama is hoping.

A few thoughts on the esteemed Governor of Illinois' recent FBI troubles.

First: Holy Motherf*&&^%$&$ shit! This guy is a dirtbag!

Second: Is it coincidence that the British word for getting free stuff via trickery or other non-work-induced means is "blag"?

Third: Much like Nevada, where prostitution is legal; isn't this kind of stuff totally okay in Illinois?

I'm kidding. Seriously, this guy's dirtbaggery is legendary even for Chicago. His hubris and ego and greed and, apparently, stupidity are more gigantic than even his televangelist-style pompadour.

To get the full joy of the proceedings, you must must must download the full indictment. It's 70-something pages of progressively breathtaking assholery. There's still the chance that Obama will get sucked in somehow, but so far it looks like he and Blago were not friends. Or, as Blago himself put it: "They're not willing to give me anything except appreciation [for Valerie Jarrett's appointment as Senator]. (Expletive) them." He then goes on to call Obama "that motherfucker." Beautiful. Folks, you know you have hit the motherlode of no-classitude when your wiretapped language is making Dick Nixon blush from the grave. For real. This guy, if you read the indictment, is a piece of human garbage, looking for money for him or his wife through a variety of means that go beyond just the Senate seat thing, dishonoring the office, the state, the country and himself. Not that someone who walks around looking like this (and whose last name is not Trump) has much in the way of self-respect to begin with:


nm in mn said...

It is an amazingly brash move by this guy. He does remind me (in looks at least) of George Stephanopoulos

Julie said...

I'm sure a lot of people are wondering how he could be such an ass and be so stupid about it, but my question is whether his hair is real or not. Any thoughts? That's an impressive helmut doo he's rockin

Vigilante said...

Julie, I don't think there is anything real about this guy.

E., congratz on the best tag line for this Guvinor story!