Thursday, December 18, 2008

Friday Freebies

Obama's pick of evangelist Rick Warren (Saddleback Church, supporter of Prop 8) for his inaugural convocation? I'm not feelin' it. I know he's also picked Dr. Joseph Lowery, someone very much supportive of gays and lesbians, but it isn't making that yucky feeling go away for me. Although, the fact that it has also outraged the religious right, for of course entirely different reasons, does offer a wee bit of solace. I guess on one hand it shows an effort to be "the President of everyone," but I just wish he'd picked someone other than a man who equated gay marriage with incest.

On the auto bailout. Sorry, "loan." We are all socialists now, aren't we? Completely hilarious and ironic that the party that called Obama a "socialist" during the campaign as a means of making him seem Stalinist or Communist is now 100% in the business of involving itself in national business. I guess the only people who will be left to go bankrupt in this economy are overextended or unemployed homeowners, huh? That is some seriously compassionate conservatism right there.

More on Caroline Kennedy, whom I really do not want to seem to be bashing. But hello! This just in--she failed to vote in about half of the 38 elections since 1988, including the following:

NYC Mayoral primary 1989
NYC Mayoral primary 1993
NYC Mayoral primary 1997
NYC Mayoral primary 2005
Senate Primary 1994
Senate General 1994
Gubernatorial Primary 2002
Gubernatorial General 2002

As Baruch College political scientist Doug Muzzio put it, "It doesn't speak to a deep-felt commitment to the electoral process." Just saying. Oh--and also because I think it's wrong in these United States to be handed a Senate seat just because your last name is Kennedy or Bush or Jackson and because you've said you'd like one.

And finally, on the looming snowstorm. The BBDD and I are heading away for the weekend, leaving Bambina in the care (and hopefully continued sanity after 2 snowed-in days) of her Gram and Pop. Which means I will not be blogging. Which means I'll be back on Monday with my Queen's Christmas Speech.

In the meantime, New Englanders: hunker down and stay off the roads! Peace.

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