Monday, December 22, 2008


A minor migraine coming on, so this is all I got for ya tonight:

I generally do not want to see my POTUS undressed, but I do have to give it up to BarAbs Obama for being perhaps the most in-shape president me out here. Jefferson? Taft? Perhaps a sign that I am not the only person interested is the fact that the Bauer-Griffin (the photographer) website keeps crashing from the traffic.

Also have to give it up to Sarah Palin, who was named Conservative of the Year by Human Events. Announced by none other than the beastly Ann Coulter. If you read her post, here, you see that it has very little to do with how empirically great Sarah Palin is, but rather how terrible Barack Obama, Joe Biden, "the media," and even John McCain are in comparison. Not exactly the rousing oratory you'd hope for if you were receiving an award, where more is said about your opponents than you.

And, finally, speaking of poor John McCain, a video compilation that makes me laugh hysterically every time I watch it:

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