Monday, November 10, 2008

Political Droppings

A couple of thoughts on the latest political stuff:

Sarah Palin's new desire to speak to any media outlet anywhere. Y'all. When the possibility of her being our VP loomed large I couldn't bear to watch her, hated the sound of her voice, got jittery thinking about her at the proverbial 3am. Now that the VP slot is filled, I'm just gonna say it: I can't get enough of this lady. Keep her comin! She is a woman on a mission to unite the Republican Party under her leadership, and I am more than happy to oblige her in her quest for relevant column inches and TV appearances. As a Dem, I absolutely support the GOP rallying around Palin as their standard bearer. I'll be over here watching that--with all my moderate friends who say rather aptly, "I didn't leave the party; the party left me."

Next, because I do try to be equal opportunity in my disses, I have to BEG the Democratic party of Virginia to absolutely NOT let Terry McAuliffe be the party's nominee. We're trying to win here, people! He's wrong for so many reasons. He's damn charming and raises money like he's printing it in his basement, but man is he wrong for that job. Let's all just say no to that little vanity project, shall we?

Joe the Dumber (AKA Senator Lieberman): My gut instinct is to want this guy thrown out of the Democratic caucus like yesterday's trash, in spite of reports that Barry wants him to stay. I was a bit dumbfounded by PEBO's (Pres Elect Barack Obama) magnanimity, but after reading that article yesterday in New York Magazine, something tells me that there is a larger strategy at work here. Perhaps it's to emasculate by offering forgiveness, or using Lieberman for his vote to pass legislation, or perhaps a simple case of "Keep your friends close, your enemies closer." In any case, I definitely do NOT think it is a case of Obama being too nice a politician. He IS from Chicago after all.

And a final note on Rahm Emanuel. First, if we can't have a Jew win the Presidency, at least we can see him stand near the President as his Chief of Staff. (Which reminds me of that old in-joke: "Son, the day will come when the wearing of a kippah will not bar a man from the White House. Unless, of course, that man is Jewish...") Anyhoo. Emanuel is a good pick; he's solid in terms of understanding Congress, working with Congress, and the all-important talent portion of the competition: knocking people's dicks in the dirt when necessary. Rahm has a brother Zeke and another brother Ari, who is most famously known as The Guy On Whom They Based Jeremy Piven's Character Ari in HBO's Entourage. With that in mind, I offer you the Wonkette "Which Emanuel Brother Are You?" personality test:


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