Tuesday, November 04, 2008


When I was in high school and would complain about the dirty-minded boys in my class, my mom would always say, "Those who talk about it the most are usually doing it the least."

Ditto that for politics; at least for me. Beyond the obvious reasons of regime-change and an Olympic-speed sprint away from the disaster that is our current neocon-ocracy, I've been so engaged in this election, I think, because it's the first presidential race since 1992 that has not seen me in the middle of it all, attending the conventions, hanging out with people who do it for a living, and--tonight--attending big parties attended by People You Have Heard Of. Tonight I will be on my couch with the BBDD and Anderson Cooper (nothing wrong with that combo!), and it will be lovely. But it ain't the same as hangin' with Carville or Gergen while wearing something other than jeans, now is it?

Yes indeed, friends, I am what you might call "politically frustrated" after a whole campaign in which I could neither canvass, make calls, attend the convention or even vote in person; and I fear that this blog reflects said frustration. I check online political sites like they were p*rn, devouring every piece of polling data I can while the BBDD is asleep, hoping he never looks in the cache file to find the true extent of my sorry obsession...Oh yes, it's a problem. Made larger by the fact that it will all be over tonight (Dear God, let it be over tonight!), and I'll have to find some other outlet for my frustrated political energy.

Perhaps I will obsess over the details of the transition (if Barry wins) or alternatively obsess over the all-too-real Palin-as-VP nightmare, never mind the John McCain as president nightmare... In any case, I'm sure I'll inflict it all on you, right here.

Now, GO VOTE!!!

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