Monday, March 24, 2008

Context Matters

One of the wee laughs involved in my GVH saga has involved my daily emails to my doctor with my update on the status of my poops. You know I love my doctor, so my respect for him just goes deeper every day as he has to arrive at his office with E's Crap Report waiting for him with his mornin' joe. Besides the fact that it's pretty ridiculous to be writing: "Tuesday Update: watery, crampy and painful until Immodium at 10am." "Wednesday Update...," it's also rather challenging to think of medical, grown-up ways to say "shitting my pants, got a backache from sitting on the pot so much..." The entire situation is theater of the absurd as I waver between "excrement" or "stool" as the most delicate description of what's going on.

What's more absurd are the little sales messages I get at the right hand side of my gmail screen that think they are selling to me right where I am:

Stunning Teak Stool
Find stylish stools for outdoor or indoor seating. Lifetime warranty!

Frederick Duckloe & Bros.
handcrafts over 100 models of Windsor chairs, benches and tables.

If only the good people at Frederick Duckloe knew...

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Ken said...

This reminds me of a thread at one of my hangouts where the guy's girlfriend dumped him by email and Gmail had some helpful relationship-building links on the sidebar, including a "is your relationship healthy" test.