Friday, March 21, 2008

The 2008 Democratic Ticket

Turn on your TV to CNN or MSNBC and, in my humble opinion, you will be looking at the top and bottom of the ticket for the Democratic nomination: Barack Obama and Bill Richardson.

Any one else out there think so too? Richardson brings years and years of experience to the ticket, foreign policy expertise, cabinet experience, gubernatorial experience.

I'm placing my bets that it will be Obama-Richardson '08.


Anonymous said...

Great, now we have to live in the united states of Amerika where the workers will take over and turn this into a soviet era disaster state of sub par health care and opulent subway stations. And, we will have to hear more about 'New' Mexico!...

Vigilante said...

And all of our pre-revolutionary opponents are so out-numbered and/or ashamed of their bankrupt ideas that they feel resigned to anonymity?


Anonymous said...

The ideas are bankrupt because their 'social democracy' government spent all the money on universal care and the 35 hr work week. On to gasoline ration lines and $8.00 milk!

"Anonymity protects genius." Albert Enistein

Vigilante said...

You are no Einstein. Nor a genius. You are a cypher.

Anonymous said...

According to Wikipedia - By 'cypher' you either mean that I am a guy who lives on teh web, or a drug-eluting stent which BTW your utopian heathcare plan will not be able to pay for.

Vigilante said...

Cypher =

1)The mathematical symbol (0) denoting absence of quantity; zero.
2)One having no influence or value; a nonentity.

You're a Zero. We'll have no problem paying for Medicare-for-all once we jettison ZERO's goddamned occupation of Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Its my occupation of Iraq?

OK - you are too upset to continue my rational discussion of the proper way to run the USA.

Maybe another post will invite a calmer bit of discourse.


J. Salk