Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bizarre Primaries

Of course I'm watching the primary returns on CNN. Riveted on Texas, of course. But in between John-King-at-his-Computer-Board segments, we're flipping to Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods. He's in Beijing tonight and I am seriously feeling homesick watching it. He was on Wangfujing St, the Fifth Avenue-like main drag on which we stayed while in China for Bambina. Imagine our joy when he took a right off Wangfujing into the alley full of little food carts where we ate I know not what. Then imagine our (well, MY) further delight when he went to the late night street food festival wherein long-time readers will recall the BBDD ate the fateful pork bun that caused us to cancel our Great Wall tour and pretty much everything else for the next 36 hours due to massive intestinal distress. It also caused potentially the most incendiary verbal exchange in the history of our relationship as I, nervous mother-to-be, lectured him ad nauseam that "your only purpose in being here is to bring home our child! How stupid do you have to be to eat a pork bun off a street vendor at midnight?! I mean, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?! Are you INSANE?!!" All delivered, I might add, while the poor man was greenish-gray hunched over a toilet. Don't mess the mama-to-be, I suppose.

Anyhoo! If you can, watch the Zimmern Beijing show. It's so much fun to see him enjoy the food and the city. The most entertaining parts are 1) where he eats the various Bugs On a Stick that the Chinese people we met said that only foreigners eat, and 2)seeing him at the Penis Restaurant enjoying snake penis, deer penis and the ultimate: Penis Variety HotPot. "I like the yak penis best of all." --Andrew Zimmern.

Speaking of yak penis, back to Wolf Blitzer...

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