Monday, July 30, 2007

The Iran Hostage Non-Crisis

I know I've been a bit out of the geopolitical loop these days, but how is it that no one is reporting on the American citizens currently being held hostage in Iran? What, has everyone been having transplants recently? Or are we all too busy with Lindsay Blohan to notice an international outrage in progress?

Why would the fact that three American citizens are being held by Iran as Zionist spies not be newsworthy? What kind of national press ignores such a deplorable and diplomatically unacceptable situation? Can you imagine being held in an Iranian prison as a spy--and having 99.8% of your country have no idea you are even there? It simply boggles the mind.

Here are some more details from Mark Steyn:

We should all ask our senators--and this White House--what they are doing to have these Americans released.


Ex-Fed said...

E, when you start quoting and linking to Mark Steyn, I start looking for rains of frogs and blood tides.

E said...

LOL! He was one of the only people I could find actually talking about it!

I promise I will minimize such links. ;)