Thursday, July 05, 2007

Alberto Tres: Bato Loco

By now you've heard that Al Gore's son, Albert III, was caught doing 100 mph while under the influence with a stash of prescription meds in the car to boot.

But not to worry. He was driving a Prius.

On a serious note, however, how icky is it that a kid who was damn near killed by a speeding car at the age of six is now himself doing a buck/buck ten in a car that reeks of pot?

Forget carbon offset credits. This punk needs some serious karma offset credits.


Vigilante said...


JPjr said...

I have 2 points:
1ST - Who knew a prius could do 100mph???
2nd - Why do famous people always claim that a PUBLIC incident that is recorded in PUBLIC police records and readily available to the PUBLIC is actually a PRIVATE MATTER?????

Vigilante said...

Yeah, JP Jr., well that certainly brings to mind a certain 1976 incident, doesn't it?