Monday, January 01, 2007

"Jeb Bush quiet about long-term plans." Let's hope he stays that way.


When Jeb Bush was asked recently how he planned to spend his first day after stepping down as governor of Florida, he reeled off a checklist of things he wanted to do: “I hope to wake up. Work out. Maybe read the local paper. Sports page probably. Hang out with my wife.”

About his longer-term plans, Mr Bush was more reticent. “I’m going to try to take some time off to reflect on what I should be doing and not rush into the next thing,” he said. But Mr Bush’s efforts to duck questions about his future seem unlikely to quash feverish speculation about what that “next thing” might be...While his brother limps towards the end of his troubled presidency, the younger Mr Bush is leaving office on a high. A recent poll showed his approval rating at 63 per cent...Mr Bush has already rejected opportunities to jump straight into another big job, including Republican pressure for him to run for the Senate and an offer to become commissioner of the National Football League.

Friends say his first priority is to make money, having seen his wealth shrink from $2.4m to $1.4m during his eight years on the governor’s $130,000-a-year salary, according to public disclosures. Few people, however, believe Mr Bush has permanently finished with politics. Although he has ruled out running for president in 2008, some analysts believe he could yet be persuaded to join the Republican ticket as nominee for vice-president."

I don't know about you, but I think I'm so over both the theory and fact of a member of the Bush family being in the White House. He can't possibly imagine that he'll be remotely electable in 2008. I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that it's more likely there will be another Clinton in the White House than another Bush...and you know how I feel about the Democratic Party's act of self-immolation in even entertaining that prospect.

Or am I missing the big DRAFT JEB bandwagon?


Beach Bum said...

I've read enough to at least suggest that Jeb is slightly smarter than his Ferret brother, although its scary to think how anyone could be less. I'm still holding (praying actually) him to his earlier statement that he has no future.
The absolute last thing this country needs ever again is another Bush in the White House or congress or state governor, on downward to dog catcher.

Anonymous said...

Nah- we all agree. So did the gang on the McLaughlin group the other day. Jeb is finito.