Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's Tricky to Rock a Rhyme

If you're wondering what kind of mom I am, I think today's Bambina Bon Mot will give you a rather clear idea.

Bambina loves the song "Mary Had a Little Lamb" so much that we actually have about five versions of it that I've made up just so I don't have to sing "it made the children laugh and play, laugh and play,...." for the thousandth time. One of them goes through our relatives and what color of hair they have. Another one involves all of her stuffed animals, three of whom are indeed sheep. The list of alternative versions goes on, each with some level of minor memorability for Bambina.

A short while ago, Bambina started singing the song but seemed to be stuck on "Mary Mary Mary Mary" so I started singing, "Mary Mary, why ya buggin? Mary Mary I need ya huggin." We sang it a couple of times but nothing really came of it. Until tonight at bedtime, we were reading Big Bird's Mother Goose and we came to the little ditty about the little lamb. And then Bambina bumrushed the show from out of nowhere with:
"Mary Mary! Why you buggin me?!" with all the Queen Latifah gravitas a toddler can bring.

I fell out laughing even though I was trying to simmer her down for bed, which only encouraged another verse, then another. It reminded me that we'd had a similar situation with the Beastie Boys back in September, with "check check check check check check check it out, what what what what what's it all about?!," a toddler-perfect anthem if ever there was one.

After finally getting her out of her Adidas and back into bed, I had an epiphany over dinner: this is why friends don't ask me to babysit their kids.

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