Sunday, December 26, 2004

No Haggises Were Harmed in the Making of the Previous Post

To remove the Freak Out Factor from my previous post here are a few of my major points:

1) I wasn't scared at all; that was my point: that I need to cultivate a healthy sense of fear next time rather than simply annoyance at Weird Parking Dudes.

2) No weapon was brandished at me; it just came to light that he had one when the cop patted him down and I was forced to then ponder all the different ways the night could have gone that didn't end with me standing next to my mom singing Lecha Dodi. Hence, Point #1.

3) A little statement of gratitude to cops who do that for a living whether on holidays or not.

And to offer further peace of mind I promise those of you who know me: as much as I love my blog, if anything truly earth-shattering happens in my life, you WILL NOT hear about it first on starspangledhaggis. If you are reading it here, you can assume it's all good and that no therapy or medical intervention has been required. :)

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