Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thanks For Your Time

Friends, the bad news is that blogging has been and will be infrequent.

The good news is that it's because we received our travel authorization for China to bring home Baby Sister. We've had her photo since October, and every day since then has been exquisite torture waiting for the go-ahead. So now that we have it, we have 2 1/2 weeks to get ready for wheels up to China. Woo Hoo!

Which means that I'm using every spare moment to pack, plan and purchase, not to mention prepare Bambina for what lies ahead. She' s very excited to be a big sister in theory, but in practice it is and will be a major adjustment for her. Just last night we received a new pic of Baby Sister. I said, "Wow. We have two beautiful girls in our family!" Her reply? "Um, Mama? I think every family should have one kid who is the cutest, and I feel strongly that it should be me." She then suggested that Baby Sister could perhaps hold the top spot for "smallest" or "slowest." Nice.


Bonnie said...

So happy to hear the good news! Good luck on your journey. Looking forward to meeting Bambina's new sister!

Average Jane said...


GrandmaDonna said...

I'm very happy for all of you.
Grandma Donna

Anonymous said...

Big congrats, E!

You have got to get baby sister a "Smallest in the Family" award tee! I love Bambina's comment...and yeah, you've got some interesting times ahead with her and little sis! :)