Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Linky Fun

Grandma Haggis and Bambina's cousin are arriving today for the weekend, so things will be (even) slower than usual around the blog today. They are escaping the DC Snowpocalypse by perhaps an hour, so we'll see how long they are residing with us should the DC airports not reopen on Sunday. In any event, we're happy to accommodate them here in Massachusetts where we not only love wealthy pickup truck driving Republicans, but we know how to plow a damn street. Wilkommen, poor wretched DC castoffs!

First up: a shocking and racist indictment of my home country. This notion that Scottish people drink too much! Lies! All lies, I tell you! Oh yeah, the reference to "depressed industrial area Strathclyde"? My home county. Boo-ya!

Next, Bambina rejoices! Having cured cancer, we have now redesigned the ketchup packet to allow for dunking!

In the "What an asshole!" category, here is Republican Senator Shelby from Louisiana placing a blanket hold on ALL Obama nominees until his state gets its two pet billion-dollar projects back. THAT is some seriously awesome fiscal restraint right there.

And, finally, a plea. Can we all just stop using the word "retarded" already? First, because it is unnecessary, inappropriate and undeniably cruel. I remember "retarded" kids being teased at school and I remember just having my heart break for them. It's the worst kind of grade school insult--and can we all agree we're above that? Second, let's ban it because I want Sarah Palin to go away. Every time someone (I'm looking at you, Rahm Emanuel, you no-class boor--but apparently not you, Rush Limbaugh because you run the conservative movement and Caribou Barbie dare not cross you) says "retarded" to mean stupid, it gives Palin another reason to be in the news cycle. So--do we have a deal? Morons are morons. Losers are losers. Dimwits are dimwits. Let's let the word "retarded" fade into oblivion, and with it, Sarah Palin.


St said...

Palin will always find another thing to play victim over but I totally agree that "retarded" needs to be retired. I think it's on its way though.
I'm so excited about the ketchup packets it's silly.

Neil Robertson said...

Hello there from that depressed area of Coatbridge, Strathclyde, Scotland, your old home land.

Can't argue, we do drink too much but we are generally happy for it.

Hi Esther, hope you remember me. It is almost 20 years since we were friends while working at Canobie Lake Park in the summer of 1989. Came across your blog and it was fun to see how you are doing. You haven't changed much. Let me know if you get this and the memory is still working.

E said...

Dude! OF COURSE I remember you! How the hell are you?! Get on Facebook and friend me!

Neil Robertson said...

Couldn't find you on facebook, can you try from your end?

E said...

Can't find you either! Okay, send me an email to with your email and I'll add you. :)