Thursday, March 31, 2005

I Have Faith in The White House

The one on NBC Wednesday nights, that is.

After a showstopper first season followed by Aaron Sorkin's drug and tantrum issues, followed by his departure which featured many a dry eye at NBC, The West Wing was becoming such a bummer for me. It was beyond "jumping the shark;" it had just started stinking mightily. It had lost the crackle that had made it appointment television when it first burst onto the scene. Some people may claim that it's Rob Lowe's absence that brought the show down, but I would respectfully reply, "Not so, Mrs. Lowe." It was way bad writing and boring character development.

So--am I showing my dorky colors by being actually, literally delighted that a TV program will feature both Alan Alda AND Jimmy Smits next season?! Maybe it's because I've been away from TV for so long, but West Wing last night gave me hope that it might--just might--return to its Aaron Sorkian glory next season. Alan Alda, I'm not ashamed to say, is a genius piece of casting, and Jimmy Smits---well, you don't need me to tell you how guapo he is.

Giddy Up!

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Miko said...

You are not alone. But, as I said to some friends a few weeks ago, it poses a difficult choice for America's viewers; after all, Alan Alda has more experience, but Jimmy Smits is stronger on foreign policy.