Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Political: A Lie Can Travel Half Way Around The World...

...while the truth is putting on its shoes.

It stuns me that the media, who were so recently caught with their pants down in their failure to fulfill their role as the Fourth Estate in the now-discredited Bush Administration's "proof" of WMD-in-Iraq-as-justification-for-the-war saga, would STILL be repeating and re-airing the baseless charges by the Swift Boat Veterans.

It is ironic indeed that while John O'Neill of the SBVFT accuses Kerry of dishonesty and being unfit for command, he himself has been lying about his connection to and involvement with the GOP. If Mr. O'Neill is so confident in his charges levelled against Kerry, why not just be honest about his--and his cohorts--and his law firm's--connection to the Bush Campaign, the Bush Family, and the Republican Party in general?

O'Neill's Donations

This Just In: CNN's Aaron Brown aired this piece last night showing VIDEO proving that O'Neill has been lying.

JOHNS: Behind the scenes, Kerry's aides were fighting the swift boat charges with unusual ferocity. They say they have evidence one of the top members of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth is an outright liar.

The co-author of the book "Unfit for Command," former swift boat commander John O'Neill said Kerry made up a story about being in Cambodia beyond the legal borders of the Vietnam War in 1968.

O'Neill said no one could cross the border by river and he claimed in an audio tape that his publicist played to CNN that he, himself, had never been to Cambodia either. But in 1971, O'Neill said precisely the opposite to then President Richard Nixon.

O'NEILL: I was in Cambodia, sir. I worked along the border on the water.

NIXON: In a swift boat?

O'NEILL: Yes, sir.


JOHNS: Now, O'Neill may have an explanation for this but he has not returned CNN's calls. What does seem clear is that a top member of the swift boat group is now being held to the same standard of literal accuracy they've tried to impose on John Kerry

Short Story Long: How quaint. Holding yourself to the same standard of truth as your opponent. A novel and revolutionary idea in the lawless, reckless and feckless exercise that is now American politics.

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Edgar Newt said...

A recent analysis suggests that O'Neill lies about a great deal: See here.