Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Bow Heard Round the World

Oh yes, our America-hating President is at it again: greeting foreign leaders according to protocol, to the incandescent rage of the moronic American Right.

To be fair, he didn't do it exactly right in the photo of him with the Emperor; too low, not from the waist. But he did it perfectly correctly with the Empress just seconds later and later on at Suntory Hall. Anyone seen those photos? It's running on Japanese TV. The errors on both sides are pretty well summed up here:

Again, it is simply ludicrous to say that because the POTUS bows (however inartfully) to another foreign leader, he is somehow BOWING to that leader. Aren't we smarter than this? After all, here is avowed socialist pinko America-hater Richard Nixon not only bowing to, but clinking glasses with his Chinese counterpart as Pat Buchanan (circled) looks on. So if Obama's unamerican for bowing to a sovereign, what was Nixon for bowing to a Communist? Come on now. Surely you guys can find something else--something worthwhile--on which to disagree with Obama? There's a list of stuff to hate (says you); you don't need to drink the haterade on this. Everybody move on, now. Isn't there a Kenyan birth certificate to be unearthed?

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