Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm Hooked on Scientology

Or at least a book about it. The following link is to a book written by Margery Wakefield, a woman who used to be a Scientologist. It describes her recruitment and initiation into the "religion," and d**n if I can't stop reading it. It could be a credible fictionalized suspense story, yet it is all the more suspenseful and creepy due to its (I assume) veracity. I clicked on it to read one chapter, and I can barely stop reading to bathe myself and throw a few chicken nuggets at The Bambina before she watches The View, Ellen and Ricki Lake while I keep reading.

When you've got some time, check it out. Then pray for Katie Holmes.

The Road to Xenu


S said...

I can't stop reading...I'm in chapter four. Had to remind myself the children need diaper changes.

Anonymous said...

I was completely floored by the info. Thank you. I have passed it on to my friends.